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Here is what our clients say about us

An important milestone achieved - thank you for the great support and guidance you always provide making it possible for us to deliver a good and professional experience for our leaders and employees.

Your positive “can do” attitude is extremely valuable to us and highly appreciated - not only by Helena and me - but also our executive stakeholders.

I think we are off to a good start and so far it has been a very positive experience working with you and your team – definitely an upgrade compared to what we are used to.

Karolina and Karen have an outstanding understanding of all the essential elements of a complex survey programme process including all the associated technologies, dealing with extremely complex organisational hierarchy structures and HRIS databases, translation protocols, information security requirements, data process and report productions processes, quality assurance considerations and so forth.

Whilst working for Vodafone I had the pleasure of working alongside Karolina on an annual basis, for our Global People Survey, with our complex hierarchies, I always found her to be very client focused, efficient and able to deal with all the tricky situations that came her way. Keeping us informed and helping us to manage our internal stakeholders and their expectations!

I worked with Karen and Karolina to deliver our employee survey with 160,000 employees in 26 countries, it was a hugely complex task.  The organisation, project management  and support to employees from different cultures across the World was totally professional.  What was surprising was the way they went above and beyond, working till 3am sometimes, to sort out unexpected issues and deliver a seamless service to the employees.  I can honestly say that Karen is the best external consultant I have ever worked with and my feedback after the project closed was that she walks on water!  When you are responsible for delivering a global survey it is a high profile activity, what you really need are these guys behind you to be really confident that everything will run smoothly.

Karolina was the lead project manager on our Global survey. I found her to be reliable, responsive, solution focused and efficient. Karolina is really good at thinking outside the box and finding best way of doing things, she had a very individual approach to our project. She delivers top quality without smallest delays. I would definitely recommend Karolina if you are looking to make a complex project run smoothly.

Karolina has an extensive experience and deep knowledge within the people surveys field that any company and organisation could (and should) benefit from. I would definitely recommend her as an expert in the topic and as a delivery project manager as well.

Karolina is absolutely incredible at what she does, and is one of the best external partners I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She’s clear, concise and really organized yet she is understanding and extremely patient.

We had an impossible task at the start of this project, and an extremely tight schedule to get our survey launched but we managed to do it (in 4 weeks!), and it wouldn’t have been possible without Karolina. I know full well that she worked well over her hours, and she totally went above and beyond my expectations.

Communication was never an issue as she always kept to her commitments and was prompt to respond to any query, no matter how small. This has made my life so much easier, especially as it is the first time I have ever worked on a project like this before.

Karolina is fantastic, and I honestly can’t fault her. She’s been a pleasure to work with throughout this project, and I can’t thank her enough for the hard work and dedication she has put into everything.

She deserves all the recognition for the success of this project, as I don’t think we would have got there without her!

Karolina is a fantastic PM! Very hands on, super knowledgeable, managing expectations very realistically, it's amazingly adaptable to our needs, tough and disciplined, but in a very supportive manner! Her ability of getting things done but also mobilising our teams to get the work done is exceptional! 

Splitpin PMs are always flexible, super knowledgable, working to time but were able to give if need be, they have can do attitude, just a total pleasure to work with 

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