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Our experience

We’ve both been running survey programmes for many years and between us we have over 25 years’ worth of experience. We’re Prince2 qualified and have worked with a wide portfolio of clients across many industries varying in size, location and complexity.   We have also been instrumental on supporting some of our clients move from paper to 100% online which has saved them time and money.

Here’s a flavour of the type of survey programmes we have managed for just a few of our clients:

Telecoms: annual survey for 120,000 employees globally, in 15 languages across 35 countries with 20,000 managers on their organisational structure and over 10,000 reports in varying formats.

Retail: bi-annual global survey with more than 450,000 employees across UK, Ireland, Europe and Asia in a number of languages, with multiple ways of accessing the survey and over 35,000 manager reports - again in varying formats.  We helped this client move from large paper volumes to 100% online within the first year for both the survey and reporting.  This has got to be one of the worlds largest global online surveys that exists.

Manufacturing: annual survey for 55,000 employees across the globe in 35 languages with a direct and kiosk access approach. 

Financial: census, pulse, life cycle and self-service survey programme for a global bank with over 80,000 employees.  We worked with this bank to create a single integrated survey approach across all their surveys.

Energy: annual and pulse surveys for 18,000 employees across Europe, again multiple languages.  Like the retail organisation, we helped move them away from paper surveys and reporting.

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