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Our story

We saw

Having worked in the employee survey world for many years we have seen how clients are finding it increasingly difficult to manage engagement survey programmes and the associated workload.


We felt frustration

These programmes can be complex, and factors such as limited time, lack of resource and experience alongside the ongoing pressure to reduce budgets can result in frustration for the client and external agency teams.


We knew we could help

We could see clearly how we could help make clients' lives easier by shifting our experience in-house – by combining our knowledge of the business with our deep-rooted expertise in survey programmes, we can deliver results more quickly and efficiently.


We took action

After months of planning, excitement, fear and uncertainty, underpinned by a deep sense that what we were about to embark on was right, we set up Splitpin.

Our name

We know what you are thinking... why on earth are you called Splitpin?


It came about because a splitpin perfectly describes and embodies our company and how we like to work.


We see ourselves as two arms that wrap around a survey programme holding it together and allowing it to function.. .exactly like a splitpin.


We love our name as it inspires us, guides us and defines how we work with our clients.

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